The Sewer Fairness Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to  ensure equal protection and maintenance benefits for Chelmsford homeowners with grinder pump systems that residents with non-grinder pump systems receive.

Through the efforts of the Sewer Fairness Alliance and the Grinder Pump Study Committee, Article 25, which brought all homeowners into the town wide maintenance program, was passed at the Spring 2014 Town Meeting.

The task of the SFA is not over as the implementation of Article 25 needs to be monitored along with ongoing support to homeowners who have had the pump failure determined to be "homeowner abuse." Please fill out the short survey below whether or not you have had a failure.

Status Updates and Information

Article 25 as Passed
 Chelmsford Grinder Pump Operation & Maintenance Manual
The DPW has sent a letter to homeowners with a brochure from Weston & Sampson who won the bid to maintain the pumps which all homeowners with grinder pumps should read.
E-one Grinder Pump Owners Guide 2
Town Pump Down Call Policy
SFA Email Archive
Read past SFA emails with attachments
Dave Foley's Informative Grinder Pump Videos
Will It Flush?  by Water Environment Federation
Fun and informative video on so called "flushables"