Frequently Asked Questions


What Should I Avoid Flushing?


Most common causes of problems:

  • cooking oil (grease)

  • wipes (these include personal wipes, baby wipes, swiffer wipes, etc, etc  including those marked flushables)

Other cuplrits

  • glass, metal, plastic

  • diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms

  • latex paint (usually introduced by washing paint brushes)

  • powdered soap of any kind (this includes soap pads).  Use liquid or gels.

  • socks, rags or clothes

  • explosives or flammable material

  • strong chemicals or gasoline

  • sand from washing clams, mussels, shells etc in the sink

Who services pumps when there is a failure?


Out of warranty pumps are now serviced by Weston  & Sampson. 

Call 978-328-0235 or email


For in warranty service of E-One pumps caontact FR Mahoney.  It is reported that they do not perform any work on weekends and holidays, but this has not been verified.  FR Mahoney charges $150 for each visit to your home on top of their hourly rate and any parts needed.


E-One Grinder Pump Service

FR Mahoney

273 Weymouth ST

Rockland, MA 02370



For in warranty service for pumps that are not E-One, call the installer contractor, distributor or manufacturer directly.


Are there any other companies that service E-One pumps?


There is mixed information regarding this.  These pumps can be serviced by other companies, but the parts are only available through a single distributor, FR Mahoney in Rockland MA.   FR Mahoney is the sole distributor of parts in MA, ME, NH VT and RI.  When a homeowner is without a grinder pump, this constitutes an emergency for the homeowner and eliminating a step by getting service through the distributor may be the most expedient thing to do.


What if the pump on my property is not an E-One?


Other pumps known to be installed in Chelmsford are Liberty and Barnes. 


Barnes pumps are serviced by United Compressor & Pump Services Inc.  They may service Liberty pumps as well.  While they are willing to service E-One pumps, FR Mahoney is the sole distributor in 5 of the 6 New England states for the parts so there would be a delay in service.


Contact information for United Compressor


Chris Poliquin


United Compressor & Pump Services Inc.

13 Delaware Drive, Unit #2

Salem, NH 03079


Is there any data on forcing this burden on homeowners?


WERF, the Water Environment Research Foundation in their 2010 Final Report on waste water basics states:


“A management issue that was addressed early in the history of pressure sewers was that of pump ownership.  Some communities chose to put the burden of ownership on the property owners and homeowner associations with disastrous results.  Today, pressure sewer systems are wholly maintained by a local utility. . .  In most case, the connection fee includes the cost (including installation) of all the on-lot components.  The operation and maintenance costs are amortized into the monthly sewer bill.”


What if the power goes out?


Per E-One:

Limit your water usage as much as possible. The tank does have extra storage capacity and should be adequate because you are not using the dishwasher, washing machine, etc. When the power comes on again, the alarm may go off for a short time – this is normal because the water could be above the pump’s alarm level and the pump needs a few minutes to pump down the tank to a normal level. If the alarm does not turn off, call for service.

The best way to handle power outages is using an alarm panel that is equipped with a Remote Sentry Module and a generator receptacle. The Remote Sentry is a remote alarm with a buzzer & LED that indicates a high water alarm even if the power is out, when it is connected to the Remote Sentry Contacts in the panel. So, the home owner can use the water until the Remote Sentry indicates that the tank is full, then they plug a 6500W generator into the receptacle on the panel, the pump comes on, pumps down and they can continue to use water.


Do I need to do anything special if I will be away for several days?

When asked this question, we didn’t find anything on the E-One website, but the town of Groton, Ct which owns and maintains most of the grinder pumps in town writes this:


“If you plan on being away for several days, replace the wastewater in the tank with clean water to help minimize odors.  First run water from an inside faucet long enough for the grinder pump to start working.  After the pump starts, turn the inside faucet off.  The pump will run until the tank is empty and shut off automatically.  This process will cleanse the pump and leave it filled with a minimum of clean water.  Always leave the power to the pump on.  This allows the heating element inside the pump to operate which helps eliminate condensation and freezing.“

What are you asking from the town for "Fairness" regarding our sewer fees?   

One issue is that homeowners serviced by a gravity system have zero cost after installation beyond their sewer fee.  Homeowners with grinder pumps pay their sewer fee, but also have the additional burden of replacement and maintenance costs. 


Another issue is that these same homeowners with grinder pimps endure hardships during failures that not should be experienced by persons in a modern society. 


 What is the average lead-time for the proper parts to be available?


This can vary.  FR Mahoney service persons carry parts with them.  But if they don't have the part(s) with them, it is normally available from the supplier in Rockland MA and can be brought the next day.  


The supply of parts does not appear to be the long pole. It is actually the availability of technicians during a widespread power outage where problems seem to crop up more frequently.


 What is the response time experienced by home owners to have their system pumped during our frequent long duration power failures?


We don't have exact data on this and the information is all anecdotal.  One homeowner said as short as 2 hours, others said a day, and one homeowner said the truck never came.   Having to cover 500 homes with limited toilet facilities could stretch manpower in these situations.


What will the Sewer Dept do to help me in an emergency?


The town has a truck with a generator that will come and pump your tank during power outages.  


Per Gary Persichetti, Director of Public Works Facilities, “The main number for the Sewer Division (978-250-5233) has an answering machine that states if it is an emergency and it is after hours please call the police department at 978-256-2521.  The Police Department can reach those on call 24/7 to assist in an emergency.”  

Per Mike Vosnakis, Superintendent, Chelmsford DPW - Sewer Division,

"Due to the storm and state of emergency most town personnel have been released at 3:00pm today. The town hall sewer office will be closed until Feb 22.

The policy as determined by the BOS has been that the Sewer Dept. may provide assistance to pump down residential grinder pumps during an extended power outage during normal working hours, M-F, 7-3, and only if personnel are available. This may be done no more than once per day and is on a first come first served basis. 

Sewer personnel are involved with snow removal operations and aren't available during this period, Sewer personnel also have to perform snow removal for 43 sewer locations after plowing streets in addition to any repairs or emergencies that come up. In the past, a snow event of this magnitude has shown that we would not be available for at least 2-3 days after the snow event ended.  

The procedure would be to call the police 978-256-2521 or sewer office.   

Please understand that there are over 475 grinder installations in town. During previous major power outages and under ideal conditions we were able to provide a maximum of 3 crews for part of the outages. The crews were each only able to average less than 3 pump downs per hour. With deep snow, this would be significantly reduced. If you do the math, I think you would quickly realize the situation we have to deal with."